Mueller Neighborhood Association

Block Captain Network

If you'd like to serve your neighbors as Block Captain, thank you very much. Your efforts will be appreciated.

A Block Captain is often the first to welcome new neighbors, share information and coordinate social gatherings that keep us neighborly.
There is no wrong way to be an Block Captain. At a minimum they:
1) assemble contact information of neighbors in their "block" and share the list among them
2) encourage communication between neighbors.
Communicating with your block can be done how you choose:
- email
- text
- chat apps such as WhatsApp
- Facebook
As the main connection between the MNA and your block, you’ll receive monthly MNA information to send your block.
Click on any outlined area to view the block number and details about the block captain.
Blocks outlined in red have an immediate need for block captains.

If your block already has a captain and you're interested in volunteering, send us a message and we can discuss co-captaining, block walking, and additional ways to volunteer.
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