Threadgill Street Wins Holiday Block Contest

Drew Harris Front Porch Flyer

Each year, the Front Porch Flyer recognizes the Mueller neighborhood block with the most holiday spirit. This is a block competition, not based on individual houses. The contest encourages neighbors to work together to bring the biggest, brightest holiday cheer, for the joy of the entire Mueller neighborhood.

While this year several blocks in the neighborhood put on impressive lighting and decorations, two blocks stood out for different reasons. The runner-up for this year’s holiday block contest is southern Mattie. This block showed impressive coordination in that most of the neighbors had a projector showing dancing sparkling lights on each of their front porch.

Less coordinated but more over-the-top was the 2016 winner, southern Threadgill, which had bright lights on both sides of the street. Other festive elements were candy canes lights and a blow-up Snoopy.

Congratulations to southern Threadgill, and when the next holiday season comes around, remember that your Front Porch Flyer editors will be looking to see which Mueller block has the best holiday spirit!

With bright lights lining the street and an inflatable Snoopy, southern Threadgill is this year’s Holiday Block Contest winner.

Projectors with sparkling lights earned southern Mattie a runner up. Photo by Drew Harris.

Past Winners!

2015: 2000 block of Emma Long

2014: 2000 block of Antone

2013: South Berkman

2012: Gochman

2011: 2100 block of Threadgill

2010: Lawless

2009: Lawless

2008: Cal Rodgers

Even More Holiday Spirit!

Each year, Greg Keller sets up this train across from Ella Wooten Park. Greg says, “The train was originally built in Detroit in the 1960s by my godfather and father. I was enamored with it and took over maintaining it in the ’90s. I love that it’s not looking to hide its mechanics, and that it has a amateur-homebuilt vibe with Rube Goldberg-style touches.” Photo by Dusty Harshman.

Ulla Dalsgard poses with her Seuss-inspired yarn-bombed trees on Littlefield Street. Photo by Woody Lauland.