The Buy Nothing Project

Brian Gramling Front Porch Flyer

By Taylor Youngblood, Mueller Zero Waste Block Leader

The Buy Nothing Project Mission:

We offer people a way to give and receive, share, lend, and express gratitude through a worldwide network of hyper-local gift economies in which the true wealth is the web of connections formed between people who are real-life neighbors.


The Buy Nothing Project is a wonderful way to meet and help your neighbors, and to explore your community. It is also an excellent way to live a more zero waste lifestyle. You can find unusual items that meet your needs, as well as gift giveaway items locally to those who need them. You can post extra food, cook for those in need, offer help, and lend items. 

Buy Nothing Project logo

Instead of automatically trashing, composting or recycling something, see if anyone on Buy Nothing is interested. I’ve given away extra food and garden surplus, found bubble wands for my homemade bubble solution, borrowed a snap fastener for a sewing project, lent out clippers, and so much more.

If you have something to offer, you write a “Give” post. If you are looking for something you post an “Ask.” Many of these exchanges are porch pickups or garage meetups. I’ve also shared “Offer to Lend” and “Looking to Borrow” posts. Many people share “gratitude” posts of them using or enjoying what they have received from their generous neighbors. The posts aren’t deleted so the history of the project and ideas are there for you to be inspired. When you pick something up or it gets taken, you just update your post: “Taken/Give” or “Received/Ask.”  

Mueller is part of two Buy Nothing groups on Facebook. Originally part of one large group with Springdale and MLK, the group grew so large that in January 2021 it was redrawn and separated out into four new groups. Mueller is now split into two of those groups, North and South, so you can’t necessarily go by your neighbor’s group when you look to join.

Buy Nothing Mueller North & South, by Rachel Lynn Carr

Buy Nothing Mueller (North)/Delwood 2, Austin, Texas

Admins: Rachel Lynn Carr & Sally Darner Baldridge

(Green – North of Zach Scott)

Buy Nothing Mueller (South)/JJ Seabrook/E 51st (South), Austin, TX

Admins: Brooke Rich & Lynne Kammer

(Yellow – South of Zach Scott, all the little neighborhoods from Springdale to 183 and from E 51st to MLK)

I hope you meet some new neighbor friends and make new connections.