Steering Committee Mtg Minutes – 8/4/21

MNA Secretary Meeting/Meeting Minutes

Mueller Neighborhood Association Steering Committee Meeting, August 4, 2021

Date: August 4, 2021

Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Zoom Meeting

Participants: John Thomas, Dale Cannedy, Pat Disanza, Koreena Malone, Joshua Rudow, Jason Sears, Marta White, Laurene Jacob, Naiara Leite, Saamiya Seraj

  1. Financial Report- John Thomas
    • We currently have 233 paid members
    • Power point by John Thomas provided.  Audit committee met and found a few procedures that need to be implemented but overall the review went well.   Final results will be presented at a later meeting.
  2. Mueller Neighbor Facebook
    • Koreena has recruited 5 active moderators, including lead moderator Saamiya Seraj.   A Code of Conduct was created, presented and the change was welcomed and mostly accepted.   Koreena held offline discussions with a few people who had questions and both parties found the dialog helpful.
  3. Eid-ul-Fitr
    • Saamiya Seraj suggested Mueller celebrate this event on May 7, 2022 with a proposed budget of $5000.   The event would include food/drink (possibly restaurants and/or food trucks), activities including  henna designs. Everyone agreed it was a great idea but we will discuss the budget in greater detail.
    • Motion to have the celebration in 2022 – Koreena
      • 2nd – Dale
      • Motion passed.
  4. Equity Team
    • Koreena says the Equity Team will meet the end of August with the goal to learn more about John Mueller and other related people and events.   The Book Club will be meeting in September. 
  5. Threadgill Block Party
    • There was a grant request for a Block Party which was originally denied because it did not meet grant guidelines due to COVID restrictions.  After reviewing the request it was  decided it should be approved.  The Block submitted receipts for $75.00.  
    • Motion to approve $75.00 for block party – John
      • 2nd – Pat
      • Motion passed.
  6. Control Tower
    • Josh is looking for local businesses that might want to sit in the
    • Control Tower area.  Pat will contact Dusty Harshman to obtain postcards that can be used to solicit businesses, and get them to Josh.   
  7. City Encampment
    • Josh reports the city will not be making a decision on the Manor encampment for a few months.  There are many questions on development of the site (sanitation, lighting, showers, etc.) but the main question is how long will it be an encampment.  Josh, Koreena and Dale will have 1-2 information gathering meetings and present at the GM on September 18th encouraging member discussion.
  8. Cap/Metro:  Project Connect
    • Josh will ask Lonny Stern from Austin Transit Partnership to give a 15 minute presentation on Project Connect at the August 21st GM.   A longer more detailed session can be scheduled if there is interest.
  9. Results of the Egg Scramble Review
    • Ted was unable to attend, but Marta reports if the MNA events becoming more varied, such as the Eid-ul-Fitr event, there will be higher chance of different volunteers coming forward.   We will discuss these celebrations at future meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 8:36 pm.