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Egg Scramble 2021

April 3, 2021

Updates will be posted here on Thursday (April 1)

The Mueller Neighborhood Association has suspended its normal springtime egg scramble in favor of smaller, socially distanced events in light of the continuing pandemic. We will look forward to the day when we may safely resume holding larger events. In the meantime, please see the list below of events we are organizing for April 3 (2021).

Mueller Bunny Neighborhood Cruise

The Mueller Bunny will be driven very slowly through the neighborhood waving to people. The Bunny's location will be follow a predetermined route, and his location will be updated on a map in real time. We have both the bunny and his driver lined up for this.

Click HERE to track the Mueller Bunny as he cruises through the neighborhood!

Bunny in the Window

Bunny in the Window is a scavenger hunt for little kids and their parents performed in a similar fashion to "Teddy Bear Hunts" that became popular near the beginning of the pandemic.Neighbors will place rabbits, ducks, baby chickens (or pictures) in the windows of their homes. A map will be published showing locations. Kids and parents will be able to walk through their neighborhood looking for the animals in the window.A volunteer has stepped forward to organize this.

Access the updated map here: Map for Bunny in the Window information

For use while walking:  Bunny in the Window Tracking Sheet

More information here: Bunny in the Window

Egg Decorating Contest

People will decorate eggs and then submit the eggs to be included in a gallery and for entering in the contest.There will be various categories by age and theme. The eggs submitted will be posted on the internet.Volunteers are needed to (a) organize the event, including setting up the categories, (b) to receive and post the photos online, (c) to judge the submissions, and (d) to notify the winners.

Link to more information about the Egg Decorating Contest

Egg Scramble by Blocks

[Note: The signups Egg Scrambles by Blocks is now closed.]

Volunteers will organize egg scrambles on their block (or in their alley) for their neighbors. The Mueller Neighborhood Association owns hundreds of plastic eggs, and will distribute them to the neighbor who is organizing the activity.Volunteers are needed to organize a scramble on their own block (or in their alley).

Check with your block captain for more information.

Bicycle Orienteering

Orienteering is an activity popular in New Zealand. Small groups (such as a family) download an instruction sheet and map marked up with roughly 20 locations. The group goes to that location and answers a question based on what they discover. For example, at the map marker near the Mueller food trucks, the question is "How much are the migas poblanas?" Jennifer Kidd, one of our neighbors, will create a route for the Egg Scramble. To understand orienteering better, see one of the routes she created in 2020 focused on the Mueller neighborhood:  Mueller "Double Bubble" Orienteering page

Link to Bike-a-Map and Treasure Hops

Treasure Hops

Treasure Hops will be oriented towards pre-teens. A list of questions will be produced based on yard decorations in the neighborhood. Several routes will be produced so groups of kids can explore close to their homes and not have to cross any major streets.

Link to Bike-a-Map and Treasure Hops

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