Print Partner Request for Proposal (RFP)

Dusty Harshman Front Porch Flyer

RFP PartnerMueller Neighborhood Association (MNA), PO Box 49123, Austin, TX 78765
MNA contact for RFP:Dusty Harshman, [email protected]
RFP Posting:September 10, 2018
Proposal Submission:
October 1, 2018
Print Partner Selection:
October 31, 2018
Initial Print Issue: January 2019


Founded in 2008, the Mueller Neighborhood Association (“MNA”) is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization with a focus on building community through education, conversation, and gatherings.

The Front Porch Flyer (“FPF”) is the neighborhood association newsletter for the Mueller Neighborhood Association. The Front Porch Flyer was published as a print quarterly delivered by volunteers to neighborhood doorsteps and apartment lobbies from 2008 until 2017.  As complexity grew around newsletter layout, ad sales and distribution to a growing neighborhood (3500+ households established of an eventual 5700), the FPF became a digital neighborhood information service on the redesigned  

The MNA believes there is a demand for return to a printed publication. MNA and FPF volunteers are looking for a print partner to support their work by addressing the printing and distribution of the Front Porch Flyer.

Partnership Goals and Scope

The Mueller Neighborhood Association seeks a partner to return the Front Porch Flyer to a print publication.

The Goals of the partnership include:

  • distributing the Front Porch Flyer in print to the widest possible audience of Mueller households (single-family and multi-family).
  • strengthening bonds between Mueller residents and the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA).
  • increasing MNA membership.
  • preserving the visual presentation of a grassroots neighborhood newsletter.
  • potentially providing a small revenue sharing to return to the MNA.
  • cross-publishing of content and images currently being delivered through

The Print Partner’s scope in the partnership includes:

  • performing graphic design and layout for the content and images submitted by Front Porch Flyer volunteers.
  • printing issues of Mueller Neighborhood Association’s Front Porch Flyer.
  • distributing Front Porch Flyer issues by U.S. mail to all Mueller households whether single-family or multi-family housing.

Proposal Elements

Print Partner’s proposals should communicate:

Print Partner Background

  • the Print Partner’s name, web address, primary contact name, phone and e-mail address.
  • the Print Partner’s mission and history in printing/publishing.
  • the Print Partner’s business model.

Proposed Process

  • the process by which content and images would be collected, selected, edited, printed, and distributed.
  • the schedule by which issues would be designed, edited, printed, and delivered.
  • the expected print delivery audience of the eventual 2,500 single-family households and 3,000 multi-family households.


  • a graphic mock-up of a potential cover page of the Front Porch Flyer.


  • any restrictions on content and images the Print Partner would not publish.
  • the potential to create a small revenue-sharing option between the Print Partner and the MNA.
  • the requirement for the MNA to continue cross-publishing content and images on, including a discussion of who would own the copyright of the content and images, and who would receive the license to cross-publish.
  • a sample contract for the Print Partner engagement.
  • specific obligations on the part of MNA.

Please limit the proposal to no more than five pages in PDF format (the sample contract can be a separate attachment outside of the five-page limit).

Proposal Submission (October 1st)

Please email your Print Partner Proposal to:

with the subject line “FPF Print Partner Proposal” by the proposal submission deadline of October 1st, 2018.  Your proposal should be no more than five pages in PDF format.

Proposal Evaluation (October 1st – 31st)

Print Partners will be evaluated based on:

  • response to this Request for Proposal, particularly in how the Print Partner can address the goals and scope of this partnership in the line with the Proposal Elements above.
  • experience and/or knowledge working with volunteer-based neighborhood associations

The MNA/FPF may seek further clarification or ask questions.

Print Partner Selection/Notification (October 31st)

After evaluation, the MNA and FPF volunteers will select the Print Partner by October 31st and potentially sooner.  The Print Partner will be notified by phone and all respondents will be notified by e-mail by October 31st.