Mueller Neighborhood General Meeting Minutes December 14, 2019

MNA Secretary Meeting/Meeting Minutes

The Mueller Community Singers performed from 9:45 until approximately 10:20 prior to the meeting.

The meeting called to order at 10:25 by John Wooding

At 10:26 AM, John introduced Jeff Luci, Mueller Mixed Use Board Member.  Mr. Luci addressed the following topics:

        • New landscaping company (WLE) starts in 2020

        • Will not use pesticides that are generally considered dangerous

        • Will use electrically powered blowers instead of gas-powered blowers

        • Question:  How often will they be performing services? Not sure, but presumably at least as much as the previous company.

        • Q:  What day will they be coming?  A: The use rolling crews so different parts of the neighborhood will be served on different days

At 10:20 AM, John introduced Karen Sharp, who provided some updates from the Rules Committee

        • She thanked Joe Freeland for all he’s done on the board

        • Update from the Rules Committee

        • They have been meeting for the last couple of years, working with Associa and Catellus to update the rules to make rules more specific when they need to be and less specific when they can be.

        • Updated rules will be summarized and posted in January. 

        • Summary page plus details with a comment period

        • Will be announced in The Messenger as well as in Town Square

10:22 John Wooding – Sponsor Recognitions

             • Seton Ascension for allowing us to use this space at a discounted rate.  Helen Walker accepted the award on behalf of Seton Ascension.

        • HEB – Generous support of events in the neighborhood.  Award accepted by Carolina Menchaca on behalf of HEB.

        • Frost Bank – Arianne Sclerandi accepted the award on behalf of Frost Bank.

        • Envision Eye Center – No one present to accept the award.

        • Mueller Silent Market Team – No one present to accept the award

        • Maya Consulting – Award accepted by Larkin Tackett

        •UFCU – Award accepted by Ryan Gordon

        •DMA Companies – Award accepted by Blake Mauldin

        •Green City Realty – Kathy Sokolic – Not present to accept the award

        •Catellus – No one present to accept the award

        •Pre-Fix – No one present to accept the award

        •Lilla & Beth – No one present to accept the award

        •Kathy Farley Real Estate – no one present to accept the award

        •Alamo Draft House – No one present to accept the award

        •UPS Store – No one present to accept the award

        •Colleen’s Kitchen – No one present to accept the award

        •Lady Quackenbush’s – Award accepted by Jason Elliott

        •Haute Salon – No one present to accept the award

        •Amy’s Ice Cream – No one present to accept the award

        •YMCA East Side Communities – Award accepted by Joan Lewis

        •L’Oca d’Oro – No one present to accept the award

        •A round of applause for all of the sponsors

10:31 John Wooding – Community Builder Awards

        • Woody Lauland – Honored for his photography in the neighborhood

        • Joe Denton – Worked on POA and on the Steering Committee (not present)

        • Karen Sharp – Honored for her involvement in the community and making sure things get done

        • Community Builder signs will be provided to each of the recipients (There was a delay in receiving them.)

10:34 John introduced Richard Carr, who talked about the neighborhood Climate Change Resolution originally suggested by the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association.

        • Richard showed the resolution on the screen and read it out loud with some specific commentary

        • Ed Dorn suggested an amendment to add “above pre-industrial levels.” to the line about 1.5 degrees Celsius to make the line read “…1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.”

        • A motion to adopt it as amended passed unanimously.

10:43 John introduced four staff members from the University Federal Credit Union (UFCU)

        • UFCU was started in 1936 by some UTA professors

        • Gave an overview of services provided by UFCU including financial advisors and financial planners.

        • Ryan Gordon spoke about his time working with UFCU, and the portfolio of loans that UFCU offers.

        • Anywhere in the state of Texas.

        • Leslie Gomez spoke of other products for investments\ such as savings accounts and CDs

        • Mark Hodges spoke about business loans

        • Alicia Bijou is a regulatory compliance specialist who answered a question about international money transfers

        • Locally they also have safe deposit boxes

At 10:54 AM a Gift card drawing was conducted by Bart Jacob.

        • 1st prize: A $50 gift certificate to any eatery within Mueller was won by Glenn McMullen

        • Alamo Draft House – set of two tickets – Said Azim, Brooks Meyers and Babs Harcketts all won sets.

        • Alamo Draft House complimentary food certificates were won by Kat Malcom, Susan McClellen

        • Alamo Draft House Popcorn Vouchers – Won by Judy McMullen, Mike Jones, and Sanaa Azim

At 11:02 AM Taylor Youngblood reminded people about the bulk collection

The meeting was adjourned at 11:03 AM