Mueller Neighborhood Association Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, July 11, 2018

MNA Secretary Meeting/Meeting Minutes

Attending:  Lila Valencia, Ana Acosta, Luke Downs, Preston Tyree, Andrew Clements, Bill Kerwin, Audrey Glaser, Alison Raffalovich, Evan McLendon

Not present: Joan Quenan, Bill Berman, Kathy Farley, Dan Updegrove

  1. Greetings and pleasantries [Lila Valencia] (2 mins)
  2. Approval of previous meeting minutes [Alison Raffalovich] (2 mins) – Will send for approval once Alison gets a copy of the minutes from Ty.
  3. Treasurer’s Report [Luke Downs] (5 mins) – Beginning balance $17,326; dues and credit card fees of $20.46, egg scramble, Fourth of July, G-Suite and Survey Monkey expenses of $1890, for an ending balance of $15,457.
  4. Committee Updates: Website
    1. Front Porch Flyer, discussion and possible action (30 mins)

Kelly Peel & Kathy Sokolic: Kelly and Kathy have discussed ways Peel could facilitate a print edition if we decide to go that direction.  Kathy: Was chair of MNA in 2013, involved since moving in as a pioneer.  Worked on the Flyer for many years. Published quarterly, a volunteer did layout and Dusty handled advertisements. Editorial team collected stories and photographs.  Decided to go digital as volunteers dwindled, particularly for physical distribution. With online only, we produce less content and people still ask about the print edition. It could also help build awareness of the MNA and encourage people to join. After stepping away for a while, Kathy is eager to re-engage with the Flyer if we decide to return to the print edition.

Kelly: Peel works with neighborhood associations in Austin, Houston and San Antonio. The MNA would control editorial content; Peel would do layout and send proofs, then print it and mail it. It could also feature our sponsor logos and a statement of appreciation.  Peel would sell the advertising in it to cover their production, layout, etc. so there are no out-of-pocket costs to the MNA.  Peel would want to complement, not cannibalize, our sponsor relationships. Some of our sponsors already advertise in other Peel neighborhood publications. Page count may vary depending on how much content there is in any given editorial cycle. Ideally 16-20 pages. Kelly has purchased our mailing list, which includes ~2300 homes and ~1500 apartments. Kelly has a memorandum of understanding template with deadlines, termination notice timeframes (90 days’ written notice by either party), and we can negotiate any clauses that don’t seem to fit.

Kathy: In addition to the print edition, we can also feature it on the website and include videos.  Still a lot of confusion in the neighborhood between the MNA and HOA. A print edition could also help clarify the respective organizations.  Kathy had no trouble rounding up content from Mueller and neighboring communities for the mockup edition she and Kelly shared. Peel can also provide filler content if needed.

Lila: We appreciate the effort that went into the sample edition and preparation, and we have another potential partner, so we’ll assess our options systematically and follow up.

Lila: Dusty created a matrix comparing digital, blog or service partner (print) option elements, 2016 v. 2018 analysis.  Kirk Miller is not prepared to present at this juncture but if we decide to go with a print version of the Flyer he can provide more details about how he might partner. The bylaws say we should publish at least quarterly and that the Flyer committee can be up to 5 people, including some Steering Committee members (currently Luke) but if that committee went away the quarterly newsletter responsibilities fall to the Steering Committee.  Mueller Living initially offered one page of MNA content per issue.

The Steering Committee determined that it wants to work to bring back a print edition of the Front Porch Flyer newsletter.

A motion was made:

  • for the existing Front Porch Flyer committee to do a Request for Proposal within 30 days to assess print partner options (with any Flyer committee member who is involved with a RFP respondent recusing themselves from the RFP draft and evaluation process)
  • give the Steering Committee the opportunity to review, comment and ultimately approve the RFP before opening it up for responses
  • allow up to 30 days for a response time
  • then make a recommendation to the Steering Committee based on the responses

The motion seconded and approved. The MNA retains the right to the Front Porch Flyer name for its newsletter, whether print or online.

5. Bylaws discussion and possible action [Preston Tyree] (15 mins) – Ty summarized proposed revised bylaws. Committee members discussed additional language clarification and Ty will update the draft accordingly and re-distribute to the Steering Committee by end of day 7/12 for voting on by end of day 7/13. Once approved they will presented to the general membership.

6. Fourth of July debrief [Bill B. & Bill K.] (5 mins) – there was good turnout and good participation from local elected officials, including Mayor Adler, Mayor Pro Tem Tovo and Sheriff Hernandez.

7. MNA Directions Survey summary and discussion [Lila] (30 mins) – We had more than 350 respondents. For the Steering Committee, it’s worth considering why many respondents don’t know when general meetings are and who can be members (renters and owners can join). We need to use social media more actively promote meeting times, publicizes the meeting minutes, and differences between the MNA and POA. We should create a Facebook page and address these topics in FAQs.  People want to know the agenda two weeks in advance to plan ahead. We could add agenda items as they come rather than waiting until the last item is finalized before publishing the agenda so people have better advance visibility

7. July General Meeting agenda [Lila]

  • Fourth of July Parade & Festival wrap up
  • Curbside Composting Collection
  • Local Business Spotlight: TBD
  • Bylaws updates

Next General Meeting will be 7/21 10AM @ Wildflower Terrace

Next Steering Committee Meeting 8/1 7PM @ Aldrich 51

Approved and posted July 20, 2018