MNA Steering Committee Minutes, September 5, 2018

MNA Secretary Meeting/Meeting Minutes

Location: Aldrich 51

Date: Wednesday, September 5, 2018 Time: 7PM to 9PM

Officers present: Lila Valencia, Chair, Preston (Ty) Tyree, Vice Chair, Luke Downs, Treasurer, Alison Raffalovich, Secretary


Members present:  Bill Berman, Joan Quenan, Dan Updegrove, Audrey Glaser, Ana Acosta, Bill Kirwin, Evan McLendon, Andrew Clements

Member absent: Kathy Farley

  1. Greetings and pleasantries [Lila Valencia]
  2. Approval of previous meeting minutes [Alison Raffalovich]
  3. Treasurer’s Report [Luke Downs]
Mueller Neighborhood Association
Monthly Report of Revenue and Expenses
Monthly report 08/01/18 – 08/31/18
Beginning Balance $14,522.93
Dues $55.00
Credit Card Fees $1.94
Total Revenues $56.94
Mtg Space Rental for 2018 – Seton $250.00
Block Party Grants $263.33
Meeting Coffee $36.70
4th of July $887.72
G-Suite $5.33
Total Expenses $1,443.08
Ending Balance $13,136.79
MNA Members 2014 239
MNA Members 2015 394
MNA Members 2016 417
MNA Members 2017 396
MNA Members 2018 373


  1. Committee Updates
  2. a. Audit, possible action – Joan recapped the Audit Committee’s proposed policies for the MNA Treasurer. Luke already has implemented the changes as 2018 has unfolded so they should be established by 2019. The policies are supplemented by twice/year audits. There was discussion about whether checks should require two signatures but since the Steering Committee approves all expenditures over $50 it seems like adequate checks and balances are in place, so we will require two signatures only on checks for $500 or above. Luke will do additional research into whether the bank can set caps on the maximum amount that a Treasurer can disburse single-handedly, including PayPal and debit card and/or whether it makes sense to have a separate savings v. liquid account. After that, the Audit Committee will submit the final proposed procedures document.
  3. b. Neighborhood Engagement
    1. Front Porch Flyer, update and possible action [Lila] – Joan and Dan had slight suggestions to the RFP for the Front Porch Flyer. We will finalize Steering Committee proposed edits by end of day 9/5 and request responses by October 1 to discuss at the October 3 Steering Committee meeting. Overall the Committee agreed that Dusty, Drew and other members did a very nice job of formulating the RFP. A motion was made and approved to authorize the RFP as written with discussed edits.
    2. Fall Fest update [Evan & Kathy] – the budget already authorized of $3,000 was confirmed. The event is Saturday Nov. 10 3-5 p.m. The initial planning committee was held and planning continues. Evan will give an update and request volunteers at the next general meeting. The planning committee can approach our existing in-kind sponsors and request support during this event.
    3. MNA Flyer [Alison & Audrey] – Audrey and Alison will get with Dennis Mick to identify which blocks and which apartments to target (including blocks with and without block captains and apartments with and without significant membership contingents.
    4. MNA Facebook Page [Lila] – all are invited to review it and suggest any improvements. A motion was made to approve using it to share information and restrict comments.
    5. Mueller Yard Sale [Lila] – Scheduled for September 29. Laura Bruce will help to organize. Joan will liaise to help organize a donation truck or trailer, coordinate with Associa to determine who will put up and take down signs, place a Craigslist ad, etc. and Evan can help post on social media.
    6. National Night Out 10/2 [Lila] – National Night Out is October 2. If we want to participate we can register the event on a national site and organize neighborhood participation.  We can make it as casual or formal as we like and it’s a good way for the community to turn on their lights, come out to mix and mingle and engage with police officers and other neighbors. The MNA Steering Committee discussed offering block-party type support to individually organized events with say, $50 of refreshments, with the HEB gift card balance. A motion was made and approved to authorize up to $500 in supportive grants.  Audrey will ask Dennis to alert block captains of the opportunity. Alison will try to have the membership recruitment flyers printed by then.  Ty and Joan will help coordinate and support information-sharing.

c. Bylaws finalize language, possible action [Preston Tyree] – Lila is going to post on the neighborhood social properties before the September 15 general meeting for a vote there. Ty will send as a Google doc for any final suggestions and Joan will proof one more time.

d. Transportation Committee update [Andrew Clements and Preston Tyree] – The Steering Committee will send the letter tonight about the Zach Scott proposal and offer to work with the city and strike a collaborative tone. We believe the city is modifying the proposal to reduce the impact on available parking.

e. MNA Directions Survey summary and discussion [Lila] – Our results have been presented to Catellus, at PIIAC, and likely to the POA. It should be a nice input to 2019 goal-setting and to information that we share, social media posts, etc. (e.g., pool hours, renters are welcome in the MNA).

7. Upcoming Meeting Agendas [Lila]


Candidate recruitment – announce our interest in fielding Steering Committee candidate

Fall Fest – Evan and/or Kathy will give an update

Candidate forum (Mayor, District 9, AISD Districts 1 & 9) – Cherrywood Neighborhood Association had theirs 9/5, MLK Neighborhood Association is holding one. We can see about holding it in conjunction with our October general meeting. So far other agenda items are recruitment announcement, Fall Fest update, and a local business spotlight. Lila will email the candidates with the date and time and see who is available. Steering Committee members should send ideas from other forums they attended that they thought were effective.

City of Austin 2018 Bond – include as part of the candidate forum.

Local Business Spotlight: possibly Frost Bank



Audit Committee update [Joan]

Local Business Spotlight: possibly Neighbors


  1. Holiday Potluck
  2. Sponsor appreciation
  3. Community Builder Awards
  4. Local Business Spotlight: Shop Homes
  5. September General Meeting agenda [Lila]
  6. Development update [Catellus]
  1. City of Austin Transportation Department update
  2. By-laws update and possible action
  3. Zach Scott Roadway Modifications Proposal update
  4. Local Business Spotlight: Seton/Ascension


Respectfully submitted 9/15/2018

by Alison Raffalovich, Treasurer


Upcoming meetings:

General Meeting 9/15 10AM @ Seton Admin Offices Steering Committee Meeting 10/3 7PM @ Aldrich 51