MNA Steering Committee Minutes, November 4, 2020

MNA Secretary Meeting/Meeting Minutes

Location: Telemeeting (via Zoom)

Time: 7 to 8 p.m.

In attendance – John Wooding, chair; Richard Carr, vice chair; John Reese Thomas, Treasurer; Alison Raffalovich, Secretary; Bart Glaser; Marta White; Ted Herr; Koreena Malone, Taylor Youngblood and Preston Tyree, chair ex oficio.  Not attending: Ed Dorn.

Location: (Join Zoom Meeting:

Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2020


1.       Greetings and Pleasantries  – John Wooding

2.       Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes – Alison Raffalovich – previous Steering Committee and General Meeting minutes were approved and have been posted online.

3.       Treasurer’s Report John Thomas – We had revenue in October of $967 in gross sales (minus $589.90 to the vendors for manufacturing costs from t-shirts and mask and $55 from membership dues. After expenses, which included the translators for the accountability session and an enhanced Zoom subscription for one month to support the session, as well as the MNA annual liability and directors’ and officers’ insurance premium, there was a monthly loss of about $1,770, but year-to-date we have a net profit of just over $3,000. We remain healthy on the balance sheet with nearly $17,000 in cash, gift cards, etc.

4.       MNA Committee Updates and Reports:

4.1. Neighborhood Engagement & Inclusion [Koreena Malone]

–          Reminder – Groundwater Analysis Workshop – plan to start at 9:00 and end at 2:30, with brief breaks.

4.2.  Nominations – Elections Update [John] At the moment we have 5 candidates for the 5 open slots on the Steering Committee.

4.3. Local Business [Bart Glaser]

4.3.1. Sponsor Treatment During COVID – We have about 15 cash-paying sponsors traditionally. With COVID, we have been careful not to pressure businesses who declined to sponsor, but many did in fact renew sponsorship in 2020.

4.3.2. Sponsorship Due Date – Bart proposes asking sponsors to get fees in by 12/31 to get the benefit of a full year of 2021 sponsorship. As customary in past years, we will send an invoice for the same level at which they sponsored in the current year with a letter thanking them and inviting their renewal. There was a motion to approach potential sponsors and offer flexible payments for any sponsors who may be facing current business environment challenges.

5.       Neighborhood Theft – Reporting and Discussion [Ted Herr] – A couple of neighbors have asked if the MNA can help with neighborhood safety.

5.1.  Additional Information [Taylor Youngblood] Taylor contacted the APD officer over our sector, who is over 8-10 officers are assigned to the sector which Mueller is a part of. The most common issues are porch package theft, porch item theft and car break-ins. The POA consistently recommends that concerned neighbors call 311 or 911, as appropriate. If neighbors do NOT report theft or break-ins to police, the APD has no way to build a case to add additional patrols. There are also neighbors concerned about the mental health of some residents, so Taylor will talk to the mental health person to better understand what they can do so we can give people accurate, information.     

6.       Membership Renewal Reminders – Discussion [Taylor Youngblood]  At the November general meeting we’ll remind people to renew for 2021. We’ll also send an email to current members via MailChimp to remind people to renew for 2021. We should also send email to former members who are now inactive to invite them to reactivate their membership.

7.       November General Meeting Agenda [John] (5 min)

7.1. Treasurer’s Report

7.2. Election for Steering Committee

7.3. POA Review

7.4. Mueller Commission

7.5. Update from Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas (also featured in the Front Porch Flyer this month)

7.6. Local Business Spotlight: TBD

General Meeting 11/21 10AM

Steering Committee Meeting 12/2 7PM

Respectfully submitted 12/10/2020

Alison Raffalovich, Secretary