MNA Steering Committee Minutes, November 2019

MNA Secretary Meeting/Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2019

Location: HEB Community Room

In attendance: Joan Quenan, Treasurer; Maria Salas, Suzanne O’Malley, Taylor Youngblood, John Wooding and Preston Tyree, Co-Chairs; Bart Glasser, Richard Carr, Vice-Chair; Alison Raffalovich, Secretary


  1. Call to Order at 7:00 [Preston Tyree].  It’s Preston’s last Steering Committee meeting; he noted that it’s been a lot of fun and thanked members for all their hard work.
  2. Audit Committee Report – [Joan Quenan, joined by committee members David Overton, Aaron Frausto, and John Reese Thomas] – New members have joined, and all are working out. We need better documentation for money handling, and it helps to have all the information for each transaction. A cross-check on cash has been reintroduced.  Need guidelines for timely action on transactions. What is timely? The Audit Committee will make a recommendation on this. We may need an assistant treasurer; John will look into it and report back to the next Steering Committee meeting. Richard suggests having a redundant person who knows the ropes in case the original person is unavailable or can’t serve as intended. Software the excel reports would be cumulative but was not. Sponsorships checked out ok, a couple of items needed follow up. Grants need to be made more accountable. Joan can’t audit this year’s books due to having served as Treasurer.
  3. Treasurer Report for October [Joan] – Received a thank you note from UT Butler School of Music for our $500 donation. She handed out the report for Jan-Oct 2019 as well. In-kind and gift cards accounting are up next. In-kind value should be the value to our members, not what the company says it’s worth. Tiff’s Treats is interested in participating in future events. There was a motion from Dan Updegrove to not pass along credit card charges to new or renewing members, and the “aye” vote was unanimous.
  4. Report on community-wide yard sale [Joan] – There was some confusion with Salvation Army, which didn’t show, but Goodwill was there.
  5. Event update and possible action

Fall Fest: November 9 [John Wooding & Joan] – Sponsors are shaping up and John and Joan still welcome additional volunteers.  Estimated expenses excluding insurance is around $2300. John could use help placing the hay bales delivered from Callahan’s at 6:30 this Friday November 8 and asked for help setting up on Saturday starting at 2:00 and help manning the MNA booth for taking memberships, conducting raffle, and selling t-shirts. 

  • Committee Updates:
    • Nominating Committee [Bill Kirwin] – Our site has the list of people who so far have said they are willing to serve on the Steering Committee in 2020, and 6 have signed up so far, which with renewing board members does not get us to 13. Existing Steering Committee members who have committed for a second year are John, Richard, Taylor, Bart G, Bart J and Alison. New members will serve two-year terms.
    • On-Line Communications [Bill Kirwin] – We’re continuing to expand our online presence beyond the website. WaggingLabs had committed to provide web development and hosting services for a two-year period which is coming up this month (November). The Steering Committee needs to determine what we will do going forward. Bart J and Bill propose changing the committee name from the Website Committee to the Online Communications Committee (or maybe Communications Committee).

c. Sponsor update [Suzanne O’Malley] – Suzanne is engaging with UFCU to try to get the sponsorship processed. The manager is working on getting it to accounting for payment.

  • Vote on Grant Requests

a. Jackets for the Community Singers [Approved for $350]

  • November General Meeting agenda [Preston]
    • Welcome [Preston]
    • Approval of Minutes [Alison]
    • Treasurer’s Report [Joan]
    • POA Report [Mike Jones]
    • PIAC Report [Mike Jones]

d. Some projects for 2019 [Bart Jacob]

d. Election for Steering Committee [Dennis Mick]

d. Q&A for Candidates US Representative District #25 – Heidi Sloan (D)

  • Adjourn

General Meeting 11/16 10 a.m. @ Seton Administration

Steering Committee Meeting 12/4 7 p.m. @ HEB Community Room

Respectfully submitted 11/20/2019,

Alison Raffalovich, Secretary