MNA Steering Committee Minutes, March 6, 2019

MNA Secretary Meeting/Meeting Minutes

Location: Aldrich 51 @ 2604 Aldrich Street

Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Time: 7PM to 9PM

In attendance:  John Wooding and Ty Preston, Co-chairs; Penny Brandt, Treasurer; Alison Raffalovich, Secretary; Bill Kirwin; Dan Updegrove; Bart Jacob; Bart Glaser; Suzanne O’Malley; Joan Quenan

Not present: Richard Carr, Vice Chair; April Geruso, Maria Salas


  1. Greetings and pleasantries [John & Preston]
  2. Approval of previous meeting minutes [Alison] – minutes have been approved and posted
  3. Treasurer’s Report [Penny Brandt]
Mueller Neighborhood Association
Monthly Treasurer’s Report 02/01/19 – 02/28/19
Frost Checking Account
Beginning Balance $5,020.30
Membership Dues $970.00
Credit Card Fees $31.56




Sponsorships $2,000.00
Total Revenues $3,026.56
G-Suite $5.33
Payment to Secretary of State $5.00
Total Expenses $10.33
Ending Balance $8,036.53
Frost Savings Account
Beginning Balance $5,002.27
Incoming $0.00
Interest $0.00
Outgoing $0.00
Ending Balance $5,002.27
Checking and Savings Combined $13,038.80
MNA Members 2014 239
MNA Members 2015 394
MNA Members 2016 417
MNA Members 2017 396
MNA Members 2018 402
MNA Members 2019 345


The Neighborhood Engagement Committee continues to do periodic block walks to encourage new memberships and recruit block captains. Alison will work with Richard and Luke to send a second reminder email to former active members who have not yet renewed for 2019.

New sponsorships:

  • Mia Consulting $1,000 (have asked to pay electronically)
  • Envision Eye Care $1,500
  • PreFix has said they will sponsor but have not yet signed up
  • Seton committed at $2,500
  • UFCU committed at $1,000
  • Catellus is at $250

Luke will keep all the 2018 financial records until Joan can complete the audit, then he will turn the records over to Penny.  Joan, Dave Overton and Aaron Frausta (from Lady Quackenbush) will conduct the 2018 audit on March 14.

  • How can we get help for Penny? (10 mins) Penny would welcome someone to be a second to her as she makes time for some family priorities. Dan offered to come up to speed to be able to step in and help as needed; Bart J will add Dan to the distribution for [email protected]. John will check the mail weekly and deposit checks as they come in; Penny gave him the key and we will have a duplicate made. Penny has a debit card on the MNA account; if Ty gets a card he will also receive notices of account transactions. Penny and Ty do not use the debit card for expenses but the account requires it to do online transactions.
  1. Egg Scramble update and possible action [Joan] – Joan is trying to reach Leila and Richard. Sherri Taylor, Joan’s Egg Scramble Committee co-chair, is well-connected with ACC students and believes they will help with stuffing the plastic eggs, etc. Maria’s proposal that a visiting band from Mexico City, Cantara, could perform was well-received so Joan will follow up with Maria to move forward. The event is April 20.  Joan will get details to Kathy Sokolic by Friday March 8 for the March/April Front Porch Flyer issue, and Bart J will also post on the calendars, Facebook page, etc.  Bart G has submitted an online request for an HEB community grant for the event. The MNA General Meeting is scheduled for the same date.  The Steering Committee decided not to hold a meeting that date and instead engage with neighbors and try to attract new and renewing members at the event. John will inform Seton that we won’t need the meeting room that date and John will also call to remind them of our meetings each month, so that the doors will be unlocked by 9:30.
  2. Yard Sale update – Saturday April 13, 8 a.m. – noon. April is posting to NextDoor and social media and will get the Goodwill truck(s). Joan will help out since April is out of town that date. Ty has the signs. April will coordinate with Associa about putting up the signs, and Joan will help collect them Saturday afternoon. Bill posted an update on the MNA Facebook page.
  3. 4th of July update [Bill K] – Last year the Steering Committee looked at moving the event to the Hangar, but there is a 3-month advance requirement; the event fee rental cost is $20,000. [Last year, Catellus had planned to waive the fee.] It also requires City of Austin-compliant insurance. For 2019, the Steering Committee is comfortable with staying with past years’ practices of starting at Paggi Square, parading to Ella Wooten Park and ending with festivities there.  Bill is looking for a co-chair; we’ll ask for a volunteer at the March general meeting and in the Front Porch Flyer.  Bill will give Joan the information on renting tents and we’ll get insurance similar to last year.
  4. Transportation Committee report [April] – April emailed her updates from the meetings. Neighbors seem to have seen improvement on issues with construction trucks (operating outside of approved hours and on non-approved routes) since Catellus at the Committee’s request reminded contractors of the need for compliance.
  5. April Meeting [Preston] – Richard will put out signs.
  6. Row Home Town Hall [John] – John talked to Brian Dolezal about a town hall discussion. Catellus is preparing a Row Home Owner Q&A document with discussions of insurance, landscaping, etc. which is supposed to be completed by the end of March. They are looking to revamp the currently inactive Row Home Committee.  It may be worth awaiting the Q&A to decide whether a MNA-hosted Town Hall format discussion is still warranted. At the Catellus-hosted discussion, Row Home owners clearly felt they had not gotten clear communications, so the Q&A may help to close the gap.  The complete insurance policy is now posted on the Catellus Mueller website.  John will do a brief update for the Front Porch Flyer and get it Kathy Sokolic by March 8.
  7. March General Meeting agenda [Preston]- plan on showing the agenda in 18-24 point font (maybe PowerPoint) for better readability as attendance continues to grow
  • Treasurer’s Report: Penny
  • PIAC Notes: Michael Jones
  • POA Update: Joe
  • Block Captain Update: Dennis Mick
  • Egg Scramble: Joan
  • Yard Sale: April
  • Fourth of July Parade & Festival update and co-chair and volunteer call: Bill K
  • Local Business Spotlight: Lilla & Beth


Bart G will get the most current and complete sponsor list to Penny to include in her General Meeting Treasurer’s report.

Joan has compiled MNA responsibilities and committees on a Google doc; she asked Steering Committee members to look it over for accuracy and completeness.

Bill K and Bart J will post Committee Meetings on the calendars, website, etc. if Committee Chairs will get them dates.  Ty will reach out to Committee chairs to include Bill and Bart on that information.

Ty has designed new General Meeting signs to replace our aging existing signs and will get bids on having them produced with a start time of 9:45 for socializing. He’ll circulate that for Steering Committee review.

PIAC is establishing a transition committee benefiting from prior and current work being done by the MNA Transition Committee.  Michael Jones will give us an update at the General Meeting.

Alison recapped the Block Captain social at Dennis and Carole Mick’s house. Ty will create potential designs for a Block Captain window cling and the Steering Committee will review.

General Meeting 3/16 10AM @ Seton Administration

Steering Committee Meeting 4/3 7PM @ Aldrich 51

Respectfully submitted by Alison Raffalovich, 3/18/2019