MNA Steering Committee Minutes 03.03.21

MNA Secretary Meeting/Meeting Minutes

Mueller Neighborhood Steering Committee, March 3, 2021
Location: Telemeeting (viaZoom)
Time: 7:00 pm
Date: Wednesday, March 3, 2021

• Attendees: Taylor Youngblood, Damaris Nicholson, Koreena Malone, Ted Herr, Dusty Harshman, Dale Cannedy-Azim; David Neider; Jason Sears; Pat Disanza; Laurene Jacob; Marta White
Treasurer Report- John Thomas
• Provided update on profit/loss from January 2021-March 3, 2021
• Received contributions and new donor from 5 Point Paint Pros
• Currently have 104 paid members
• Need to follow up on check received from the Atlas’. Dusty will follow up with his neighbors as it may be a mispayment.
• Front Porch Flyer supplies
• 2, 710.76 net for the month
• Balance sheet is about and 15K
Mueller Facebook Group
• Dusty Harshman, James Nortey, David Neider provided update
o Does this group build community? Now that the neighborhood has grown there is more anonymity in the posts. Moderators have discussed that something needs to change with the group. What we have isn’t working.
o They have released a survey to ask for input from the community.
o Moderators are ready to move on from moderating the FB group
o Currently 500+ responses to the survey
o A lot the work around moderation should include moderating through a racial equity lens. Concerned about concerns posts that have to do with microaggressions.
o Further work will continue to happen about what’s next in regards to the survey.
• Is there anyone interested in signing up as liaison for the housing committee- Josh Ludlow
• Taylor will work with Josh on getting promotional material together.
• Taylor received extension through March 8, 2021 regarding Kensington development.
• Ted provided analysis of Kensington letter
o There is a 9% tax credit which means that 60% of funding is from tax credit.
o 149 units multi-family
o They will remodel current facility focused on improved quality of life and deferred maintained can and improving property’s physical appearance.
o Development is for median family income from 80K for a family of 4
o Affordability period is for 40 yrs
o Continuum of care units is for supportive housing such as homelessness, etc.
o This is not a major redevelopment
o The group is Elizabeth property group
o It is possible they have to follow the right to return policy. Need follow up questions about this piece.
• Ted sent analysis regarding the letters from the developers and TX Dept of Housing. His background is around regulation and found discrepancies around the letter and what the deadlines are.
o We should respond to the state thanking them for the letter in order to meet the deadline.
o Will hold off on voting by email this weekend.
Move to dissolve the transition committee and motion passed
Transportation and Urban Committee Update- Josh
• Speeds on Berkman will be 4 way stop on Philomena and Berkman
Climate committee-
• Need to activate committee to do something, would like to get feedback from steering committee about having a task for the climate committee in April and host about 5 minutes at every general meeting for climate committee to present on a topic
• Will have climate committee re-review timeline and list of topics. Taylor will have information for April meeting.
Egg Scramble-
• Update by Tedd Herr
• Trying to be more inclusive for next year with different language around the event.
• American Red Cross [Taylor Youngblood]
o On hold for now

• Mueller Tool Library [Taylor Youngblood] (if time allows)