MNA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes January 6, 2021

MNA Secretary Meeting/Meeting Minutes

MNA Steering Committee Minutes, January 06, 2021
Location: Telemeeting (via Zoom)
Time: 10:00 am
Date: Wednesday, January 06, 2021
Present: Taylor Youngblood John Wooding John Thomas
Pat DiSanza Koreena Malone Marta White
Ted Herr Josh Rudrow Dale Cannedy-Azim
Jason Sears Sarah- Roper-Coleman
John Wooding

Agenda Items:
Welcome- Taylor Youngblood
Minutes from last meeting were approved and posted on the MNA
website- Damaris Nicholson
* Budget Discussion- John Thomas provided comparison of profit/loss
2019 vs 2020
o Took in more money in 2019 vs 2020
o Revenue and expenses were down 50%
o Provided December revenue summary
o Balance sheet as of December 31, 2020 was provided
o 2019 = 345 paid members
o 2020= 219 paid members
o HEB gift cards are used to purchase refreshments for meetings
o Masks are a fundraiser for AISD and more shirts have been
ordered. MNA sent AISD a check for $247 and received a
thank you letter from them

Future Meetings:
o Zoom license: Vote approved to cancel monthly zoom
subscription due to not maximizing its use and cancel annual
license. The annual license included live streaming.
o Will continue to have pre-recorded videos in light of covid

MNA Vision-
o Engage-
Outreach/Social Media- increase social media presence.
Taylor will be working with Marta and John to be more
visible on social media
Welcome wagon- Identify strategies to welcome new
neighbors/businesses through various strategies.
Identify ways of increasing membership to capture new
residents. Historically, membership in the MNA has
occurred primary through word of mouth. Block
captains have been provided guidelines to engage but
this process has not been consistent.

o Inclusion
It is important to MNA to find ways to be inclusive of
ALL neighbors regardless if homeowners/renters.
Businesses- the goal is to be more active with our
business neighbors and enhance their visibility and
promote them via social media and other avenues

Josh Rudow has as a vision of getting more involved with
mobility/safety committee and would like to bring a proposal to the
next meeting. Josh can connect with Andrew Clemens for the land
use and transportation committee
o List of Mueller sponsors was shared
o Budget was proposed and agreed upon for 3 signature events
for this year with the understanding that the budget is flexible
and can be increased if needed.
Taylor will send process document with liaisons.

Proposed February Agenda:
Will discuss committees
Front porch flyer
Mueller Library
 2021 Sponsors

January General Meeting: January 16, 2021