MNA Prepares for the Future with the Neighborhood Transition Committee

Karen Sharp Front Porch Flyer

Mueller is a unique neighborhood with a diverse mix of commercial and residential properties, an affordable homes program, and a rich portfolio of public parks and green spaces. In less than five years the build out of Mueller should be complete and the developer will no longer be in charge of ensuring that Mueller continues to be in sync with the original vision and goals of the master plan. Instead, a mix of representatives from both commercial and residential properties will make up the Board of Directors who will be in charge of the Property Owner’s Association, or POA. Right now, there are two residential property owner positions on the Mixed-Use board.  As our neighborhood reaches future milestones of completion the number of property owner representatives will increase as is illustrated on this chart.

MNA POA Board Transition Chart

Recognizing that we are facing this transition, the Mueller Neighborhood Association formed a committee to begin planning for the eventual transition. The Neighborhood Transition Committee was formed in June 2017 and established some early goals. Committee goals include increasing communication about the transition, providing more education on the role of the Property Owner’s Association and taking steps to ensure that the vision and goals for the neighborhood are sustainable. The next meeting of the Neighborhood Transition Committee will be in December.

If you have questions, or you are interested in joining the committee, please email [email protected].