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By Susan Palombo

Meet your Mueller neighbor, Joanie Mercer

Joanie Mercer, a highly experienced teacher of the Alexander Technique and life-skills coach, has lived in Mueller since summer 2017. Joanie says she has loved every minute of her time here. “My neighbors are kind, friendly, interesting and we watch out for each other,” she said. “The neighborhood offers beautiful parks, swimming pools, and a wonderful peaceful lake. The area is great for walks and connecting with new people.”

When Joanie is not taking care of her one-year old puppy, Krishnan, she works with clients on health and healing, most frequently employing the Alexander Technique, an alternative therapy. Joanie has been a senior teacher certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique since the 1970s. Joanie said she loves working with her clients on a health and flexibility journey. “I am constantly learning new things about my students and myself that enhance my life. There has been ongoing scientific research about the Alexander Technique for the last 100 years, and two Nobel Prize winners have cited it in their acceptance speeches. When the principles are applied, you get reliable results,” said Joanie.

For those of us who are not familiar with the Alexander Technique, Joanie explains, “The Technique teaches us to be conscious of our habits that interfere with our innate freedom, ease and flexibility in movement. It improves our performance in our daily activities (brushing our teeth, doing dishes, walking, sitting at the computer, etc.) and our performance in all sports, dance, playing a musical instrument, and even singing,” she said. 

I asked  Joanie what has kept her dedicated to this discipline. Sheresponded that she has been inspired for over 40 years because she sees people’s lives change as they let go of stressful habits and become mindful of the power they have to direct their energy themselves and experience freedom, ease and flexibility. “I am so honored to watch people ‘wake up’ Joanie enthused. 

Joanie also infuses goal setting, affirmation writing, and nutrition to complement her work. If you would like to meet Joanie to take a walk or learn more about her work, visit her website at