Minutes of the January 21, 2023 General MNA Meeting

Ann Hart Meeting/Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) General Meeting

January 21, 2023

The hybrid meeting was called to order at 10:05am by Committee Chair Greg Keller after confirming quorum.  The meeting was recorded and archived.

Steering Committee (SC) Members present: Joy Butler, Brett Hall, Ann Hart, Jennifer Jardin, Greg Keller, Meisha-Ann Martin, Chris Ruzin, Sarah Seraj, Karen Swenson, Preston Tyree, Kaz Wojtewicz.

Greg thanked everyone for attending and informed everyone that we would use Robert’s Rules of Order to guide the meeting.  There were two changes to the printed agenda:  the “Business Spotlight” was canceled and there were no minutes to approve.

Treasurer’s Report—Chris R. shared a document entitled “December Cash Inflow and Outflow.”  As of 12/31/22, MNA’s total assets were $16,551.74.

There were a couple questions related to the MNA’s new storage unit.  We pay $89/month and still have room for more supplies if neighbors have items at their homes.  Joan Q. agreed to contact Richard Carr to see if he still has some MNA signs.

Membership Report—Karen Swenson reminded everyone to pay dues for 2023.  We had over 400 paying members at the end of 2022 but only about 40 people have renewed for this year.  Greg and Karen will try to help set up an auto-pay system to make renewal easier.

Vice-Chair’s Report—Preston (“Ty”) thanked Karen for her hard work on membership.  Ty plans to do a deep dive on the various MNA committees with Joy’s help.  Some of the unrequired committees may be retired.  He urged everyone present to volunteer to help with something.  There’s room for everyone.

Guest Scott Johnson informed attendees about his upcoming fundraiser at the Alamo Drafthouse.  He is coordinating a viewing of the documentary “Chasing Coral” sometime in March.  Proceeds will go to a few different local projects.

Ty introduced the Standing Committees that are mandated in the Bylaws starting with the Audit Committee.  Joan Quenan is willing to chair.

Ty went on to thank Kathy Sokolic for all her hard work on the Newsletter.  Kathy is willing to stay on as editor, assuming someone else agrees to chair the committee.  We always need people to write articles.

Finally, Ty provided background on the Nominations Committee.  Andrew Clements expressed a willingness to chair.

Greg noted that the Steering Committee will make these appointments official at the next SC meeting.

Next, Greg and Ty familiarized everyone with all the “Special Committees” as follows:

  1. Spring Fling, 3/25/23 at the Pavilion—chair and volunteers needed
  2. EID Festival, 4/29/23 at the Pavilion
  3. Fourth of July Parade and Celebration, 7/4/23
  4. Fall Fest, 10/21/23
  5. Website and Online Communications and Technology
  6. Neighborhood Engagement and Inclusion (includes the Equity Team
  7. Block Captain Network—Taylor Youngblood continues to oversee this; apartments are included
  8. Local Business and Sponsorships—Sarah Seraj could use some help
  9. Transportation and Urban Planning (TUP)—Bike-related ideas would fall under this
  10. Aging and Neighborhoods
  11. Community Space Initiative (some neighbors have wanted Catellus to provide a community center for a long time)
  12. Schools
  13. Climate
  14. Project Evaluation
  15. Housing
  16. Finance

Old Business

Implementation Strategy for Bylaws—Joan Q. volunteered to chair this effort for 2023.  She’ll start with all the work done in 2022.  Again, the SC will formally appoint her at its next meeting.

New Business

Andrew Clements expressed concern that Saturday morning meetings might exclude Jewish neighbors who observe the Sabbath on Saturdays.  Other attendees added that families with children often had Saturday morning conflicts, as well.  Chris R. moved that we reschedule future general meetings to 3:00pm on Sundays.  During discussion, it was suggested that we poll neighbors about preferred meeting times.  Chris then withdrew his motion. 

Greg moved that the Engagement and Inclusion Committee develop a poll and determine the best way to share it with the largest number of neighbors.  Seconded and passed.

Micheal Jones reported that the PIAC meeting was cancelled in January.  Next meeting is February 14th.

On behalf of the POA, Andrew Clements noted that the annual Tower lighting took place in December and that 2 residents were slated to be appointed to the Master Board this year.

Next Steering Committee Meeting:  2/1/23

Next General Membership Meeting:  2/18/23

The meeting adjourned at 11:25 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Hart, MNA Secretary

Note that all documents mentioned in these minutes are considered part of the meeting record.