Meet Ocho – Mueller’s Newest Sculpture

Alison Raffalovich Article, Front Porch Flyer

By Front Porch Flyer staff from the November 2020 print edition

What is the most exciting part about moving to Mueller for you?

I’m excited about people discovering me on their own. I want families to be out for a leisurely bike ride or a stroll and come across my path. I don’t mind if they jump at the first site of me, as long as they quickly learn I’m not going to eat them…unless I’m provoked. I’m also eager to try Kerbey Queso, fried green tomatoes at Colleen’s Kitchen, vegan cheese at Rebel Cheese and some goat cheese, thyme and honey ice cream at Lick!

Have you met the Spider or Nessie?

I’ve met Nessie. Colorful gal. She always seems to have a smile on her face and she has the brightest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. The spider, however, is a little skittish, so I haven’t had the pleasure yet.

Do you miss the water?

Not at all because I still have access to the water. Overnight, when everyone is fast asleep, I venture over to any of the nearby ponds for a little late-night snacking. The Southeast Greenway pond may be closer, but there are tastier morsels in the pond over at Lake Park.

Would you say Dixie Friend Gay is your BEST friend? What have you enjoyed most about working with her?

Indeed, I do. I feel like Dixie gets me. She is such an amazing artist. I think I admire her creativity the most, as I love my glowing bulbous eyes and my iridescent skin tones. It has been fun to watch her working with her team: they are intelligent, kind and they have so much fun. You can see it in their work. It was not easy to get me up on top of this building, gracefully draping and curling over the edges. Would you believe that just two years ago I was only 10 inches tall, living in Dixie’s studio?    They thought of everything, how every angle will show me in a different light, including from above.  

What’s your favorite feature of Jessie Andrews Park?

I’m a pretty big fan of the top of the restroom facility. It’s a great perch to keep my big eyes on so much happening around Mueller. You probably know I have a large brain, so I also love strategic games. The game tables where parkgoers can play chess, checkers or backgammon are a unique touch to Austin parks, and I look forward to seeing how well opponents do against one another.

What do you hope to see happen at Mueller over the next few years?

Well, I have a fantastic view of the Northeast Austin middle school site, and I’ll enjoy watching such an appealing public building design get constructed over the next 18 or so months. And, like so many in Mueller, I’m looking forward to seeing everything under construction in the town center open up. 

Are you excited to meet the neighbors?

Yes, there are so many great families who call Mueller home with may more on the way. If they leave me alone, I promise to leave them alone, and we’ll get along swimmingly.