May 11th, 2022, Steering Committee Meeting

Koreena Malone Meeting/Meeting Minutes

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Please join us for the monthly Mueller Neighborhood Association Steering Committee Meeting evening at 7:00 PM.

Date:  Wednesday, May 11th, 2022
Time:  7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Due to Covid-19, our meetings are currently being held online using Zoom.

Special note:

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ID: 923 6802 5880 Passcode: 251297

MNA Steering Committee Meeting Agenda – May 11th, 2022

  • Welcome and thank you by Koreena Malone (3 mins)
  • Approval of March SC Minutes by Koreena Malone (2 mins)
  • March and April Financial Reports by Jason Sears (10 mins)
  • Equity Team Update (Book Club / Training) by Joy Butler (5 mins). 
  • POA Transition Update by Karen Sharp (15 mins)
  • Front Porch Flyer update by Kathy Sokolic and Danielle Henderson (10 mins)
  • Event Evaluation  – Yard Sale, Spring Fling 4/23, Eid 5/7, and Yard Sale, by Koreena Malone (25 mins)
  • Shredding, 4th of July, Summer Fun Events Organizer and SC Liaison By Koreena Malone (10 mins)
  • Open positions for Sponsorship and Tech support by Koreena Malone (5 mins)
  • Bylaws Committee Update by Shelly Baldwin (5 mins) 
  • Kensington Update by Koreena Malone / Josh Rudrow (10 mins)
  • Business Spotlight? 
  • Location for Steering Committee and General Membership Meetings by Koreena Malone (10 mins)
  • Next Steering Committee Meeting is July 7th, 2022 and General Meeting is May 21st and Adjourn by Koreena (2 mins)

Meeting Minutes to be posted soon