Letter from the MNA Chair January 2023

Greg Keller Article, Front Porch Flyer

Welcome to 2023!

Mueller is weird. 2023 is going to be weird. This year we will need to take the next step in building community leaders and learning about each other. 

As a neighborhood we embrace a level of diversity that is quite rare in our country. We have:

  • Diversity in economic background, 
  • Diversity in cultural background, 
  • Diversity in age, 

… to name a few.  Most importantly we have a hugely diverse set of passions on what we want for our neighbors, young and old.  

We are in the beginning stages of a monumental shift in the control systems of our neighborhood at the Property Owners Association which is completely independent of the MNA.. The Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) is uniquely positioned to help our neighbors take their first steps into becoming leaders of *this* community for *this* community… and to help everyone understand the differences  between these organizations. We will share more on this transition soon. 

With the huge shift toward recession in global economics, a European war, and sincere division at the Federal and State levels it is easy to become apathetic. But Mueller is weird. We can get weirder. We have the talent and aspiration to make Mueller awesome and learn from each other. 

Local leaders have the biggest chance to make local lives better.  Local leaders see us face to face. I propose that for 2023 we embrace our neighborhood character. Let’s create and support more local leaders for the challenges we are going to face locally. 

For example:

  • If a kid wants to do an electronics recycling program we want to know about it.
  • Residents passionate about our transportation culture and the rebuild of Airport Blvd and I-35: we need you too!
  • Know how to throw a party or organize a project? Show us your ways!

We can make a difference at the local level unrivaled (and unnoticed) by our many layers of government.  

When we see passion and commitment focusing on a single issue it can seem weird these days. Really weird sometimes. But local leaders with a laser focus on an issue will make our neighborhood and its neighbors better. We need to find and support them. 

We will have deep discussions. We will have deep disagreements sometimes. But we chose to live in this weird neighborhood on the east side of Austin because it’s full of weirdos who think narrow streets, big parks, and small yards can build a community unlike any other in Texas.

Please join me in building community and leaders for 2023 in our weird little neighborhood association.  


Greg Keller