July 6th, 2022, Steering Committee Meeting

Koreena Malone Meeting/Meeting Minutes

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Please join us for the monthly Mueller Neighborhood Association Steering Committee Meeting evening at 7:00 PM.

Date:  Wednesday, July 6th, 2022
Time:  7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Due to Covid-19, our meetings are currently being held online using Zoom.

Special note: Hybrid meeting was held. Some of the Steering Committee meet in person and by Zoom.

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ID: 923 6802 5880 Passcode: 251297

  • Welcome and thank you by Koreena Malone (3 mins)
  • Approval of May SC and GM Minutes by Ann Hart or Koreena Malone (2 mins)
  • March to May Financial Reports by Jason Sears (10 mins)
  • Block Grant Application by Koreena Malone (5 mins)
  • Equity Team Update (Anti-racism Training) by Joy Butler (5 mins). 
  • Event Evaluation  – 4th of July by Koreena Malone (10 mins)
  • Fall Fest Organizer and SC Liaison By Koreena Malone (10 mins)
  • Front Porch Flyer update by Kathy Sokolic (10 mins)
  • Open positions for Tech support, and Sponsorship,  Internal Review, and Nominations Committees by Koreena Malone (5 mins)
  • Bylaws Committee Update DRAFT and plan to reviewing and submission to General Members by Shelly Baldwin (20 mins) 
  • Manor Road / JJSB Update by Josh Rudrow (30 mins)
  • Business Spotlight – AMLI by Koreena Malone (1 mins)
  • Location for Steering Committee meeting for September and November and General Membership Meetings by Koreena Malone (3 mins)
  • Next Steering Committee Meeting is September 7th, 2022 and General Meeting is July 19th and adjourn by Koreena (1 mins)

Meeting Minutes to be posted after approval at September 7th meeting