Mueller Lake Park

July 3, 2019 MNA Steering Committee Minutes

MNA Secretary Meeting/Meeting Minutes

Location: Aldrich 51

Date: Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Time: 7 pm to 8:30 pm

In attendance:  Preston Tyree and John Wooding, Co-chairs; Lila Valencia, Chair Ex Oficio; Richard Carr, Vice Chair; Penny Brandt, Treasurer; Alison Raffalovich, Secretary; Bill Kirwin; Dan Updegrove; Bart Glaser; Maria Salas; Suzanne O’Malley.

Not attending:  Bart Jacob; Joan Quenan; April Geruso.


  1. Greetings and pleasantries [John & Preston]
  2. 7:02 Approval of previous meeting minutes – they were approved and have been posted. [Alison]
  3. 7:05 Treasurer’s Report [Penny Brandt]– No questions about the report Penny sent in advance.  Penny moved that each of the Signature Event organizers create a line-item level budget and send to Penny to present at the Steering Committee at least a month in advance for each major event for the Steering Committee to approve. The Treasurer can then authorize expenditures in line with budget and flag to the Steering Committee any that are out of line.  The motion was seconded and approved.
  4. 7:10 Mohan Rao from Windsor Park Neighborhood Association (WPNA) – deferred to August
  5. 7:25 July 4th Update [Bill Kirwin]– Bill has given Penny all the gift cards provided by the sponsors, which included $750, of which Bill is setting aside $100 for ice and water from HEB.  Paggi Square starting procession will include a fire truck, the Civil Air Patrol color guard, Alison and Kat Malcom carrying the MNA banner, the Boss Street Brass Band, and bicyclists and neighbors who want to parade. Penny has arranged for a UT doctoral voice student to sing the national anthem just before we embark from Paggi Square at 9 a.m. Many of our sponsors will have tents and booths with goodies to share.   Currently we have committed $2600 of the $4000 budgeted. 
  6. 7:40 Climate Disaster Resolution [Preston and Richard] – Richard adapted a simplified form of the resolution from the model provided by WPNA.  Dan has provided edits and other Steering Committee members are invited to edit as well. Richard will create and head a Climate Change Subcommittee to get an updated version out to the Steering Committee to vote on at the next meeting. We’ll also mention at the next general meeting that we appreciate what the WPNA has done and will work on our own version of the resolution and invite those interested to a Climate Change Subcommittee meeting to contribute their thoughts.
  7. 7:55 Committee Updates
  8. T-Shirt update [Ty for Joan].  T-shirts will be available at the July 4th event to those who ordered or to fulfill cash orders at the event; Penny will forward the list to Richard. Lila will assist Richard in staffing the shirt table/tent.
    1. Town Square Meetings [Suzanne] – Suzanne discussed inviting both candidates for U.S. Congressional candidates for the Texas 25th District, which includes Mueller, to participate in the General Meeting September 25.  Julie Oliver’s campaign is interested and Roger Williams, the incumbent, has not yet responded.  Penny moved to invite registered candidates for the 25th District to come participate in a MNA General Meeting and motion passed.
    2. Front Porch Flyer (FPF), how can we support with committee articles [Preston]? Ty requests that each committee chair aim to provide an update via a FPF article once per quarter.  Ty will engage with Peel to see how to get the FPF distributed it to businesses in Mueller (currently it is only distributed to residents).  April, Bart J and Lila regularly edit contributed articles. 
  9. 8:30 July 20 General Meeting agenda [John] – 9:45 – 11:15
    1. Treasurer’s Report [Dan for Penny]
    2. POA Review [Joe Freeman or Bill Berman]
    3. Climate Change Committee update [Richard]
    4. Mueller Commission [Michael Jones]
    5. Fourth of July Parade & Festival review [Bill Kirwin]
    6. Pecan Street presentation [Grant Fisher]
    7. Smart Trips Austin [Brianna Cohan] – partnership between CoA and Cap Metro; focused on East Austin this year
    8. Local Business Spotlight: Suzanne is still recruiting

New items:  

Dan suggested we send a welcome and thank-you note to new members who join the MNA. Alison will draft and send to the Steering Committee for review, then Richard will send it to new members/renewing members as they join.

Alison and John met with Austin Energy, who wants to meet with area residents and begin to understand how they can most effectively engage with Mueller as they plan to move into their new building in 2021. The dialogue will continue going forward.

General Meeting 7/20 10 a.m. at Wildflower Terrace

Steering Committee Meeting 8/7 7 pm at HEB meeting room  – need a monitor or projector for Mohan. Bill K arranged access for the Steering Committee for the remaining 2019 meetings. The committee agreed to discuss and vote on event insurance policy at the August Steering Committee meeting.

Respectfully submitted 7/22/2019,

Alison Raffalovich, Secretary