Join the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA)

Brian Gramling Front Porch Flyer

The MNA is an all-volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan organization that advocates for the Mueller neighborhood and focuses on building community. Playing a vital role in representing the interests of the neighborhood, the MNA strives for diversity and inclusion of all members of our community, residents and visitors alike. Being a member is a good way to learn about what is happening in our community. Becoming involved is a wonderful way to meet your neighbors.

The MNA website ( is an excellent tool to learn about our neighborhood and how to connect with your neighbors. The website answers many questions – MNA vs POA, tips for new neighbors, membership and contact information, FAQs about pools, parks, parking, landscaping, and more.

There are many opportunities to become involved with the neighborhood. Check the MNA website for descriptions of committees and their roles such as Block Captains, Neighborhood Engagement & Inclusion, Transportation & Urban Planning, Front Porch Flyer, Finance, Online Communication & Technology, Community Space Initiative, Schools, Local Business, Neighborhood Transition Planning, Aging & Neighborhood, Climate Change & Zero Waste, and Social Activities.  

The activities of the committees are many and varied. For example, the Transportation and Urban Planning committee keeps the neighborhood informed about building and road projects in Austin. The Neighborhood Engagement and Inclusion committee’s Equity Team has started a book club. The Climate Change committee and the Zero Waste leader help keep us updated with recycling and environmental issues. Social activities include Fall Fest, Egg Scramble and Fourth of July parade.  

Annual dues are $5 per resident, 18 years or older. Your dues help pay for Neighborhood events, operating costs, MNA grants, and Front Door Flyer newsletter. To join or renew your MNA membership, please complete the membership form at If you have any questions about membership, please email [email protected]