January 15th, 2022 General Meeting

mneighborhood Meeting/Meeting Minutes

Please join us for the monthly Mueller Neighborhood Association General Meeting this Saturday morning at 10:00 AM. We’ll also be live on MNA Facebook

Date:  Saturday, January 15, 2021
Time:  10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Due to Covid-19, our meetings are currently being held online using Zoom.

Special note: The elections for the 2021 Steering Committee will be held during this meeting.  In order to be eligible to vote, one must be a member at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

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ID: 960 7276 1148 Passcode: 766787

  • Introduction and Welcome by Koreena Malone (2 mins)
  • Reflection, A New Year by Amanda Gorman (5 mins)
  • Welcome new Steering Committee officers and members; Quick Intro (10 mins)
  • December and year-end Financials by John Thomas (5 mins)
  • Budget by Jason Sears (10 Mins)
  • Anti-Racism Training Proposal by Joy Butler and John Wooding. (15 mins)
  • Bylaws Committee by Shelly Baldwin and Erin Gaines (5 mins)
  • Relationship building and proposed meeting changes by Koreena Malone. (5 mins)
  • Business Spotlight – Mueller Silent Market Team, by Amanda Trevino (3 mins
  • PIAC Update by Mike Jones (3 mins)
  • POA Update by Kathy Sokolic (20 min)
  • Adjourn and next meeting is Saturday February 19th.

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—————- MEETING MINUTES—————————-

Minutes of the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) – ADOPTED BY THE STEERING COMMITTEE ON FEBRUARY 2nd, 2022.

January 15, 2022

The Zoom meeting was called to order at 10:01 am by Chair Koreena Malone.

Steering Committee (SC) Members present:  Shelly Baldwin, Joy Butler, Erin Gaines, Brett Hall, Ann Hart, Koreena Malone, Mary Ellen Mondi, Josh Rudow, Sarah Seraj, Jason Sears, Karen Swenson, and Marta White, ex officio

Neighbors present: Niran Babalola, Ami Clements, Connie Caldwell, Marilyn Crain, Joe Denton, Pat DiSanza, Bart Glaser, Jorge Gomez, Wesley Grantham, John Harcketts, Bart Jacob, Laurene Jacob, Micheal Jones, ______ McFreeland, Dennis Mick, David Overton, Lisa Ramirez, Ambar Shrivastava, Kathy Sokolic, May Taylor, John Thomas, Amanda Trevino, Dan Updegrove, Snow White, John Wooding, Jordan, Babs, Elena Michelle

Koreena opened the meeting with a video of poet Amanda Gorman reading “New Day.”

She then welcomed everyone and introduced the 2022 SC members.

Outgoing Treasurer John Thomas presented the Profit and Loss Statements for December 2021 and the P and L and Balance Sheet for all of 2021.  Net profit for 2021 was $8471.04 resulting in cash on hand of $21,225.88 and total assets of $23,381.96.  John assured neighbors that we are in a “solid financial position.”  On behalf of the entire Steering Committee, Koreena expressed deep appreciation for John’s service to the neighborhood.

2022 Treasurer Jason Sears presented the proposed MNA budget for 2022.  The proposal included both pragmatic and aspirational goals to account for different scenarios all of which would leave the MNA with money in the bank at the end of the year.  

Joy Butler and John Wooding shared a Power Point titled “White People Working for Racial Justice” (to be uploaded into the SC Google Drive) which included the Diversity and Inclusion Statement adopted by the MNA three years ago.  Joy, John and members of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee have researched and compared four providers of anti-racism training programs and the Justice Leaders Collaborative rose to the top as the best fit for the MNA’s purposes and budget.  Joy and John laid out the cost of the training, financial expectation of the participants and requested an initial $2500 from the MNA in order to offer the training to Mueller residents later this year.  Subsequent discussion included questions about scholarships and outcomes.

Jason drew everyone’s attention back to the 2022 Budget proposal which included a line item for the “White People Working for Racial Justice” training.  Koreena noted that both the training and the Budget proposal were approved by the Steering Committee 1/5/22 and were now subject to a vote by the general membership.  Koreena explained the voting procedure and shared the links to two separate on-line ballots (one for the training and one for the budget).  After attendees had had the time to vote, Shelly Baldwin and Karen Swenson were asked to count the votes and confirm that everyone who voted was eligible to vote (i.e. current dues-paying member of the MNA). 

Erin Gaines reported that a committee had been appointed to review the MNA by-laws.  Upon completion of the review, the committee will propose amendments to the Steering Committee.  

Koreena proposed the following schedule for 2022 SC and General Meetings:  January, February, March, May, July, September, and November with the understanding that we can always add in more meetings as needed.  General consensus was that this made sense, especially while we can’t meet in person.  It will be imperative to communicate with neighbors between meetings especially with regards to Transition.

Koreena introduced this month’s Business Spotlight, Amanda Trevino of Mueller Silent Market Team.  Amanda is a neighbor who is pleased to work for a corporate sponsor of the MNA.

Micheal Jones provided a report from the Mueller Commission/PIAC (Plan Implementation Advisory Committee).  The group is monitoring the ongoing development of Mueller including the completion of the Texas Retirement System (TRS) office buildings and future of Mueller’s park land.  Micheal noted that the community doesn’t currently have a field big enough for football but will once the new middle school is complete.

Kathy Sokolic made everyone aware of an on-line meeting for Row Homeowners on January 19th.  The meeting will focus on roof issues and property insurance concerns.

Shelly and Karen returned to the meeting to report that both the budget and the training proposals had passed by an overwhelming majority.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Hart, MNA Secretary