FYI: Introduction to Cooperatives

Taylor Youngblood Front Porch Flyer

The Austin Housing Cooperative Development Group is sponsoring an online informational presentation in conjunction with the City of Austin. This is offered to the public free of charge. While there are no plans for cooperative housing in Mueller, you can learn about the basics of the Cooperative Business Model with a particular focus on co-ops as a tool to create affordable housing. The link to sign up is…/introduction-to….

The class will include:
• Models of ownership
• Building typology for co-ops
• Keys to co-op affordability
• A 4-factor framework for developing housing cooperatives

MNA Steering Committee member Ted Herr shares, “As a college student, I was fortunate enough to live in a co-op while in school. It was extremely affordable, as it was owned by its own association, so there was no owner profit involved in my rent payments. Each co-op member worked about 4 hours per week as “sweat equity” or perhaps it could be considered “sweat rental payments.” About half of us worked in the dining hall, and the rest cleaned, recycled, gardened, maintained the facilities, etcetera.”