Help Make Us a Trike’N Neighborhood

Ani Colt Front Porch Flyer

Have you ever ridden a trike as a grownup?

One of the great joys of riding trikes is the ease of stopping to talk with neighbors, and on a lovely Saturday afternoon, my partner Preston “Ty” Tyree and I sat on our trikes to share a great conversation with neighbor Veronica Castro de Barrera. An architect, Veronica sees Mueller as a laboratory for how smart design and ongoing reassessments can improve lives and enhance our neighborhood. We talked about our idea for trikes as portable “places,” and, specifically about the trike café.

Trike’N has purchased a new, solar powered, trike café from a company in Copenhagen, Denmark. We visualize the trike café as a gathering place where coffee and refreshments are served, where residents and people who work in Mueller can enjoy the day.

Trikes are great for everyone and there are many types of trikes to suite people’s lifestyles. There are trikes that can carry small children safely. There are even trikes for with electric-assist motors and trikes that are designed to support those with physical limitations. Search “trikes” on the internet to find a trike suited to your needs and preferences.

Over the next ten years, modes of transportation in Mueller will change. We project less personally owned motor vehicle use for intra-neighborhood travel and more trike transport. Continued foresight can create safer streets, walks, and paths for all. More trikes and fewer cars can help alleviate congestion, reduce parking needs, create cleaner air, and reduce gas costs and car wear. Oh, yes! Triking is fun, good exercise, and great for talking to neighbors.

Getting trikes into the mix requires a change in behavior, rethinking how we share the roads, park trails, and sidewalks. It requires planning where to park trikes and locate trike-share facilities. It also means a chance to experiment with the intention that we respect all forms of transportation and are responsible and safety minded.

Chances are you’ll love riding a trike. Want to try? Visit or contact us at [email protected].


Trikes are fun and good transportation for all ages and abilities. Photos by Preston “Ty” Tyree.