Local Business Spotlight during March MNA Meeting

MNA General Meeting Minutes, March 17, 2018

MNA Secretary Meeting/Meeting Minutes

Approved by the MNA Steering Committee 3/20/2018


  1. Greetings [Preston Tyree] (5 mins)
    • Welcome new and non-members
  2. Treasurer’s Report and 2018 Budget/2017 Actuals [Luke Downs] (30 mins)
  3. 2018 Direction [Preston Tyree]
  4. Project Connect [Andrew Clements]
  5. Mueller Commission [Mike Jones]
  6. POA Update [Joe Freeland]
  7. Yard Sale [Joan Quenan]
  8. Local Business Spotlight: Envision Eye Center
  9. Announcements
  10. Adjournment
Item: Greetings and Introduction of New Members and District 46 candidate Chito Vela – Preston Tyree
Item: Treasurer’s Report and 2018 Budget/2017 Actuals – Luke Downs

Starting balance: $8821

Income – dues, tip jar, T-shirt $96.99
Expenses – $36.70 for coffee

Current balance $8881.30, with 264 2018 members (up 17 in February, had 396 in 2017 and 417 in 2016)

2018 Budget

Why do we charge the $5 annual dues?  The MNA’s purpose is to build community.  We do this through monthly meetings, block parties, keynote events (spring egg scramble March 31, 4th of July parade and festival, and fall fest).

In 2017, the Egg Scramble cost $1,958 to stage, including petting zoo, face painters, Easter Bunny, bounce house, PA system rental, egg hunt supplies and toys, prizes and giveaways – not counting volunteer engagement.  The 4th of July celebration costs $3,000, fall fest $2,000, meeting supplies $200, block party grants $500, meeting space $250, community support $100, etc.

If dues alone covered all MNA 2017 operations costs, dues would have to be $23.  In 2017, dues totaled $1,980, but total expenses were $9,035.   Historically we got advertising revenue from the Front Porch Flyer print edition, which covered the balance.  In 2017 we went to an online-only model for the Front Porch Flyer.  In 2017 we asked event coordinators to get neighborhood business sponsors for the various events with $2,109 donated for the Egg Scramble.  We roughly broke even on the three events in 2017, a reflection of how effective the event organizers were at engaging sponsor support.

With 6,500 total Mueller residents, only about 6% are active dues-paying members.  We ended up with $298 in net income at the end of the budget year.

For 2018, we project $2110 in operating income: $2,000 from dues, $60 in T-shirts, $50 in tip jar donations.  Rather than seeking individual sponsors for each event, we are seeking sponsors for the whole year, across all events, with the ask coming from MNA leadership rather than event organizer volunteers.  We are seeking $12,000 in cash and in-kind donations in total.  (Our conservative/minimum budget anticipates $8,000 in sponsorships and $1,590 in operating income.)

2018 operating expenses are budgeted at $2,734 plus $11,000 in program expenses ($3K at Egg Scramble, $4K at 4th of July, $3K for Fall Fest).  (Our conservative/minimum budget anticipates $1,734 in operating expenses and $8,000 in program expenses.)

To date we have gotten $10,220 in committed sponsorships, exceeding our minimum and closing in on our aspirational goal.   Lila was recognized for all of her hard work and success in engaging sponsors.

Joan Quenan notes that we ask all to reach out to their neighbors and encourage them to join as dues-paying members.

Bill Berman notes that there are a lot of committee activities that benefit the neighborhood that don’t appear in the budget – transportation, neighborhood engagement, aging in neighborhoods, getting a school, transition as Catellus winds down, etc.

Item: 2018 Direction – Preston Tyree

We’ll send a survey to member and non-member residents of Mueller to find out what is important to the neighbors.  We’ll share results with the community.  Last year we did this through a brainstorming session at Wildflower Terrace.

Item: Egg Scramble Update and Volunteer Call

This takes place at Ella Wooten park.  We’re looking for volunteers to staff the MNA booth; key sponsors are HEB, Seton, and Neighbors Emergency Center.  It will be 9:30-11:00 a.m. on March 31.  Also need volunteers to help set up and tear down and age-specific egg hunts.

Item:  Project Connect [Andrew Clements]

The Traffic Jam is happening March 28, 4-8 p.m. at the new central library, Cap Metro will unveil their planning.  Please come and show your support and meet the new Cap Metro CEO.

Joan:  April 17 Cap Metro will do a presentation on the transit options for Muellerites, including the new routes with the service change, and getting photos for elder passes for discounted rates for residents 65 and older.  Additional details to come.

Item:  Mueller Commission

The Mueller Commission is an 11-member commission advising the city council on all things related to Mueller.  Normally meet second Tuesday of every month.  Key topics are historic designation for the airport tower and UT’s plan for their 10-acre lot they have leased at Mueller.  Next month will get an update from the Mueller Foundation on the affordable home program.

Item: POA Update [Joe Freeland]

Working with the landscape committee to educate people on tree maintenance obligations.  Many of the trees east of Berkman need to be set free from their stakes now that they have hit a size where the roots are well-established.

MNA transition committee addresses the POA being turned over to property owners as Catellus ramps down.  The rules committee is meeting next Friday at noon.

Item:  Yard Sale [Joan Quenan]

Saturday April 14, 8-noon. Goodwill truck will be at Ella Wooten from 12-1:30 to take anything that hasn’t sold that you want to get rid of.

Local Business Spotlight – Envision Eye Center

It’s in Mueller Market. Dr. Dimple Sawhney lives in the community and has been here since early 2015. Now have 5 employees and an additional doctor, so wants to thank the community for their support.  Do eye exams, screening, treat eye infections and injuries – full service primary eye care, as well as treating dry eye, myopia control, providing specialty contact lenses, etc.

Future Dates:

April Meeting 04/21 10 a.m. at the Seton Administration Building

Respectfully submitted,

Alison Raffalovich, Secretary