The Front Porch Flyer Returns to Print in 2019

Front Porch Flyer Staff Front Porch Flyer

The Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) is happy to announce that the Front Porch Flyer (FPF) will return to print as a monthly newsletter for Mueller neighbors in January 2019.

In partnership with Peel, Inc., who will handle all layout and distribution, the new, full-color FPF will deliver to all known multi-family and single-family addresses (renters and owners) as the neighborhood grows to an eventual 5,700-6,000 households.

Longtime Front Porch Flyer staffer Dusty Harshman recalls, “For eight years, the quarterly printed edition of the Front Porch Flyer built our community organically. For the last couple of years, we veered away from print to develop the Front Porch Flyer on as a digital neighborhood news channel. Now, we’re in a good place to combine the two, working with Peel, Inc. to restore the FPF to a print publication.”

MNA Steering Committee Chair Lila Valencia echoes, “The MNA is very excited to be able to reach more Mueller residences and apartments with stories that inform, entertain, and build community.”

In returning to a print newsletter, resident Kathy Sokolic has agreed to step into the lead editor role, and she’ll be expanding the Front Porch Flyer staff with new writers, editors, and photographers of all ages and abilities.  Stay tuned for more about how residents can assist with the re-launch of Front Porch Flyer.