Follow Mueller Bunny Live

Taylor Youngblood Front Porch Flyer

The Mueller Bunny will be hoppin’ around Mueller on Saturday, April 3, starting at 2 pm! 

The Bunny only has the first dose of the vaccine and decided to remain in the truck again this year. Safety first! Bunny plans to drive around each park mentioned below as the truck makes its way through the neighborhood. The Bunny hopes all of the kids and neighbors will practice social distancing if they plan to be at a park or anywhere along the route.  Follow Bunny live here.

The Mueller Bunny will circle Branch Park starting at 2:00 p.m., and then will follow the route shown below (all times approximate).  

  1. Mary Elizabeth Branch Park (2 pm)
  2. Jessie Andrews Park (2:15 pm)
  3. John Gaines Park (2:25 pm)
  4. Southwest Greenway (2:35 pm, between Tilley and Berkman)
  5. Ella Wooten Park (2:45 pm)
  6. Mueller Lake Park (2:55 pm)
  7. Paggi Square Park (3:20 pm)