MNA General Meeting

Agenda includes:

  • Welcome new, returning members and visitors
  • Treasurer’s report [Luke Downs, MNA]
  • Transportation update [Nathan Wilkes & Ravi Dhamrat, City of Austin Transportation Department]
  • East 51st Street Mobility Project [Jill Fagan, City of Austin Economic Development Department]
  • Development update [Brian Dolezal, Catellus]
  • Mueller Commission update [Chair Michael Jones]
  • MNA By-laws update and possible action [Preston Tyree, MNA]
  • Local Business Spotlight: Seton/Ascension [Jesus Kain]
  • Announcements
    • Front Porch Flyer RFP
    • Mueller Yard Sale
    • National Night Out Block Party Grants
    • Fall Fest

You can find Bylaws proposed changes here.


Sep 15 2018


10:00 am - 11:30 am


Seton Administrative Offices
Seton Administrative Offices, 1345 Philomena St, Austin, TX 78723, USA