Coyote Awareness

Bill Kirwin Front Porch Flyer

In light of the increase in coyote activity around the community and the loss of multiple neighbors’ pets, we want to share some recommendations and information from the City of Austin.

Pet Safety:

  • ALWAYS be present with small dogs and cats while outside.
  • Small pets are not safe when left unattended, especially at night.
  • Outdoor cats are not safe, at night or during the day, but make a point of bringing them indoors at night.


  • The city encourages hazing coyotes when seen during the day.
  • Do not take photos of the coyotes, unless you are going to haze immediately after. Taking photos without hazing will just encourage the coyote’s behavior.
  • Hazing will encourage the coyotes to avoid contact with people and pets.
  • You can haze with you voice, a whistle, air horn, waving your arms, stomping, or throwing rocks if needed. This gives the coyotes a negative consequence and makes them feel unsafe.


  • Smells from food, garbage, and/or compost will draw the interest of coyotes.
  • Remember, coyotes are opportunistic, so they will take advantage of whatever food source is available.

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