MNA General Meeting Minutes June 16, 2018

MNA Secretary Meeting/Meeting Minutes


MNA General Meeting Minutes

June 16, 2018

Meeting started at 10:05: 36 people in attendance.

Taylor with resource recovery is new member.

Treasurer’s report:  Luke Downs

See report from Steering committee

Question about where the money is deposited: in Checking account

July 4 Parade:  Bill Berman

Parade will start in Ella Wooten Park and end at the Hangar going down Mattie and Simond.  The logo was shared with the members attending; Bill Kirwin put the poster together.

Ana Acosta will be running the kids’ program.

Next Door and Mueller Neighbors are being used to promote the event.

We need volunteers including people to set up the hangar, accompany the parade and to man the tables and clean up the hanger.

Gather around 8:30 and the parade begins at 9:00.  There will be a contest for decorated bikes.

POA Update:  Joe Freeland, board member

With the new community manager coming in to Catellus, we will have coffees to meet new manager.

We have two board members and the question is when do we get three? Joe wants to audit at the annual meeting.

Mueller Commission: Corky Hilliard

Financial audit showed a clean audit. Mueller Foundation Staff. Management letter of first three years was clean and the final two years are under audit now.

The historic designation approval from both the City and the State allows someone to build an adjacent structure to provide more access to the tower. The tower will be structurally preserved. May go for Federal designation in the future.

Now working on getting the hangar designated.

No Mueller Commission meeting next month.

Curbside Composting:  Taylor Youngblood, Joan Quenan

Posting on Facebook and Next Door. They plan a detailed presentation next month

Green carts are being dropped off today through the 26, first pickup with be June 29. This program takes protein in addition to the traditional compostables, including for example greasy pizza boxes.  You can read the Composting How To Guide and the Kitchen Collector Guide for more information.

For many this may mean the trash can size can go down. For a description of trash can sizes. 512.494.9400.

There will be a small kitchen at 4th of July and at the big presentation in July will bring some containers.

Question:  Can we share the bin? You must have a trash cart. You can try the compost bin and have the city  pick it up but you still will be charged a fee ($1.00) per month. Fees will begin later.

Apartments are serviced by private contractors. Talk with apartment management to get it done in the complex or you can take your compost to the farmer’s market. Apartments will be required to compost in the future.

The city can take more and different products as it is an industrial process.

Question about where the compost will go? Will it be turned into Dillo Dirt and be available to get it back?

Yard waste small in the community so a smaller container should be smaller. Get it to the city and make sure they understand.


MNA Survey: Lila Valencia

Survey results are summarized here:  MNA Directions Survey Summary. The goal is continuing to understand the neighborhood priorities.

Discussion of the history and process that we used. Two weeks, 356 in the timeframe, some from neighbors from outside of Mueller.

See the presentation for details, some of which was recorded. 

Issues included:

Poor visibility at intersections.

Diversity and affordability.

Amenities: Parks are the Crown Jewel of the community. Personal responsibility.

Diversity engagement committee.

Corky Hilliard says that a lot of this is presented to POA and Catellus. Lila agreed.

Dennis Mick: Compliment on it was very well done.

Announced the winners: all women?

Concerns about meeting length and how the committee is elected.


Textile recycling effort. Take survey on FaceBook

July 2 is Bulk Pickup. What about Courtyard.

Minutes approved 7/16/2018


Adjourned 11:13

Composting How To Guide

Kitchen Collector Guide