Are You Ready to Scramble?

Alison Raffalovich Article, Front Porch Flyer

By Ted Herr from the March 2021 Front Porch Flyer print edition

Hello Neighbors!  The Mueller Neighborhood Association Steering Committee will again be sponsoring small events on April 3 as socially distanced alternatives to the traditional egg scramble and community fair.

The events lined up so far include:

  1. A window-based egg hunt in the style of the teddy bear hunt from last March. We’re hoping a lot of people will participate. More details to come, or sign up. 
  2. A small parade through the neighborhood featuring our own local celebrity, The Mueller Bunny. The event includes updating a realtime map showing Bunny’s location, kind of like Norad does with Santa (but more accurately). We will need a couple of volunteers to help track and post Mueller Bunny’s current location and direction.
  3. Localized egg hunts, organized by individual block captains for their neighborhood.
  4. An egg decorating contest. Decorate your eggs and submit photos.  

We would also like to do a scavenger hunt of some sort, but don’t yet have an organizer for it.

We will of course be looking for a few volunteers to help with the various tasks.
Please contact us through the Mueller Neighborhood Association contact form at