Active Living Austin Survey

Greg Griffin Front Porch Flyer

Does the Mueller community environment play a role in our health behaviors? Texas A&M is conducting a survey of current residents, 18 or older, If you already joined our study before moving to Mueller, please do not participate in this; we will send you individual follow-up surveys. The survey takes about 20–30 minutes, and the university will send a $10 gift card as a token of appreciation. This is part of the larger study of our community, Active Living Austin, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.

The study is also seeking people who are planning to move to Mueller for an in-depth seven-day activity study. Please refer anyone you know who is planning a move to Mueller to

“Mueller is a planned urban community that features compact and mixed land uses, diverse everyday destinations, well-connected street systems, sufficient pedestrian/bicyclist infrastructure, and accessible parks and open spaces,” one of the study’s lead researchers, Xuemei Zhu, Ph.D. said. “A previous pilot study showed increases in residents’ physical activity and ‘neighborly’ interactions. We are hoping this new longitudinal study will allow us to better understand what impact Mueller has on its residents’ physical activity and health, and more importantly, how this impact is facilitated by design.”